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Okay, things have been up in the air a bit and I seem to have abandoned the 30 day song meme (I really haven't but I need to make a new youtube channel... long story...) so this will be one of two posts to try and sum up some of the things that happened this week.

My brother is hopefully becoming a Doctor Who fan!

Apparently a lot of his friends are Whovians and they've been talking about the show to him and insisting that he should watch it so today he asked to borrow my Doctor Who DVDs. Yes! Another convert ^.^ I feel like it's been Doctor Who geek week between this, my friend Dan going to London and tweeting about going to the Doctor Who Experience and all the DW swag he's gotten, and with the second half of the season starting up again on Saturday. It makes me all kinds of happy.

Also, the other day I bought a stack of old school Star Trek comics from our discount section. There was a disappointing lack of Bones in most of them (though he did show up more frequently in the ones written by Peter David, so more points to P.D.) however, there was a surprising amount of Sulu being used as the main character which was pretty awesome. And I picked up an annual that was co written by George Takei and Peter David so score ^.^ In unrelated news, I think I'm officially in the class of lame sci-fi geek now thanks to the fact that I like SeaQuest DSV, Babylon 5, and (some) Star Trek. Any one of those is enough to walk the line, but all three? That negates all the cool points I've built up from being a music junkie.

In news that is semi-related to the flood, I need to get a new youtube channel because mine has been co-opted by my shop. Again, I put up the video to show a friend; now it's everywhere. Thankfully the number of stupid youtube comments and random subscribers is low, but I feel boxed because I can't respond to stupid comments the way I want to just in case it might reflect badly on the shop. Fer instance, my first reaction to a stupid comment is banhammer and delete. But that is because I'm not looking for attention. I could care less if anyone ever watched my videos. The only reason they're on there is for the convenience of being able to tell my friend "look it up on youtube under this title" instead of having to dig up the photobucket url to send them.

I've been having massive head pains from the mildew/mold, chemicals, wet paper, dehydration, and general sleep deprivation. Plus in the middle of everything I had to take a couple of 4 hour car trips (one was in a hail storm where the hail was the size of marbels >.>) and got dragged on a lot of roller coasters that, while fun, didn't do my head pains any favors. So to combat this I've been taking children's meltaway acetaminophen because I'm too punk rock for adult medication. Well, no that's not true. The reality is that I can't swallow pills. Yes, I know that's weird, but my brother has the same quirk so I don't think it's purely psychological like my mother is convinced that it is.

I went to the land of chocolate this week. Remember those 4 hour car trips? Yeah, that's where they left me: Hershey, PA. It was fun. It rained, I drank a lot of lemonade, I walked between the park and our hotel so many times that one of the security guards jokingly asked if I couldn't make up my mind as to where I was going, and my sister's friend won me a stuffed Batman from a claw machine. Oh yeah, I also picked up a bar of Dagoba chocolate because the Star Wars fan in me could not pass that up and discovered that it is some damn fine chocolate.

Also, as my price for driving to and from the land of chocolate, I go to stop at one of my favorite places: Roadside America. I do love miniatures something fierce, but I think my attraction to this place is a mix of odd kitsch and surprise every time I go and discover that it's still there. I love it, I bought a t-shirt, and I hope to drag more people there.

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