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I was watching the BBC Sherlock the other day with my sister, because even though she claims to have seen it she hadn't, when my sister made a joke about Holmes/Watson and my immediate answer was, "No, Watson's too straight." She then gave me an odd look and asked,"But don't you ship them? Don't you read fan fic for this?" "Well, yeah, but for this show I read Holmes/Lestrade." And then I had to explain which character was Lestrade again without saying "the one played by Rupert Graves" because then she would say that I was just watching the show for him and not because it's brilliant. Can't I watch it for both?

Anyway, she continued to be confused and insisted that I shipped Holmes/Watson. So I explained to her that in some cases yes, in some cases, no.

Let's explain in great detail ^.^

~~In the recent BBC show Sherlock, John Watson is far too straight and too uncomfortable with people grouping his sexuality in with Holmes'. He pulls out the 'don't be an idiot' tone of voice when telling Mrs. Hudson "Well of course we'll be needing two rooms." John bristles and gets angry when Angelo refers to him as Sherlock's date and he fumes even more when Angelo ignores this and insists on putting a romantic candle on their table. When they meet an old acquaintance of Sherlock's from Uni, Sherlock introduces John as his friend; the acquaintance smiles a little knowingly and says "Friend?" to imply "so you're his boyfriend?"; John's face shutters and he insists that they are colleagues. Meanwhile he jumps at any female contact he has such as hitting on Althea when she's escorting from his meeting with Mycroft and dating Sarah, the sympathetic woman who had just given him a job. He may enjoy Holmes' company and like him as a person, but this John Watson wants to make it clear to Sherlock and the world (without actually saying so) that the idea of tumbling into bed with Sherlock revolts him.

So no, I don't ship them.

Sherlock's relationship with Lestrade on the other hand... much more interesting.

~~In the 2009 film Sherlock Holmes by Guy Ritchie, I very easily ship Holmes/Watson. Although Holmes' seemingly unrequited love for Watson is a bit painful to watch at times. They have an easy and natural rapport, and it's very obvious that Watson has a great affection for Holmes. While Watson does genuinely like Mary, you get the impression that all of it - his getting engaged, moving out - is his last ditch effort to distance himself a bit from Holmes and attain a normal life. He's always slipping, always letting Holmes pull him along for the adventure because a large part of him does want this but he doesn't think he can afford to keep it in the long run.

So yes, I ship them shamelessly. Especially when RDJ and Jude Law so naturally use the phrases "Mother Hen" and "Old Cock".

~~I was talking to a friend of mine and he was explaining to me that someone had been telling him that there were plans to do an American version of the recent BBC Sherlock. To which my friend replied,"Wait isn't there already an American modern version of Sherlock Holmes called House?"

House, while it was still mostly about the medical mysteries, was my favorite show on TV. From the very beginning the chemistry between House and Wilson was amazing and it just got better as the show went on. House needed Wilson and in his own way, Wilson needed House. Even though Wilson could fake normality, he is just as screwed up as House is. And the show did a great job at handling the chemistry and tension giving us just a taste of a possibility that, yes, House and Wilson would get together, before pulling us away from that with a different plot point. I will always only ship House/Wilson for this show.


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