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I've been away for a while.

Things have been... well, up, down, and all around the town. Life happens and life moves on and nothing stays the same.

I am still stuck in retail hell, but the company is pretty good. Now, instead of dealing with the dregs of humanity looking to purchase comic books, I deal with over-privileged people trying to act sophisticated and being pretentious about food. I've come to the conclusion that if you walk into any shop and try to intimidate the clerk or try to prove you know more about the products than they do just because you can, there is something deeply wrong in your life.

This place is more like a way station than anything else. We have these company retreats every year and this year, my third retreat, I realised that I've never had the same group of people on my team two years in a row. People come and go so quickly here, its almost amazing that I've made lasting friendships.

I've cut my hair, gotten inked, traveled somewhere for a week long vacation, and accepted that no-one will ever see or acknowledge me the way I see myself. That's... well, not fine, but I'm just going to go with my gut and not worry about other people's perceptions.

Anymore A Killer

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April 2015
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