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So this happened.

I hate-watched an entire television series.

Thanks to Walt Goggins, I ended up watching Sons of Anarchy. Thanks to insomnia and Netflix streaming, I watched the entire series in 20 days while still managing to work, sleep, and not become a hermit. I do not recommend that to anyone.

SOA has the distinction of being the first series I've ever hate-watched. Let me explain.

I started off just watching the six episodes that Walt showed up in, but by the end of those episodes, I was invested in Tig. When I realised that Tig was a main part of the show from the first episode to the last I decided that I needed to watch it. Watching just for Tig made it an interesting experience and actually allowed me to finish the series. I ended up hating Jax, Gemma, and the whole Hamlet story line so much that I would have stopped watching entirely if I hadn't been on the lookout for Tig.

Its kind of funny if you think about it because the last time I tried watching a show Kurt Sutter was involved in, also watching for Walt Goggins, I had to stop before I got through the second season because I couldn't stare at Vic's face that much, Aceveda kept chewing the scenery, and Julien's storyline made me want to punch the wall. (Should probably note that I watched The Shield after SouthLand, so Julien was always destined to annoy me.) At least with SOA it was more of an ensemble and I ended up loving almost every other biker.

The actors were amazing, the little jokes and interactions between the bikers were fantastic, and I loved how a sociopathic character like Tig evolved over the series to end up where he is at the end with Venus and the MC.

All that being said, the main story lines were just obnoxious. Season 2 goes out of its way to show that the MC isn't racist while they are battling a white power group (Chibs' wife is black, our babysitter is black, Unser's never seen wife is assumed to be black because he attends a black church) yet as soon as Season 4 rolls around and the new sheriff points out that they don't have a lot of color mixed into their group, suddenly there's a by-law saying no blacks allowed and one member who is wholly Hispanic, gets scared into a terrible series of events because he thinks the club will KILL HIM if they find out his daddy was a shade too dark.

*deep breathe*

I'm just saying continuity is nice >.>

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