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quelle partie de 'bâtard persistant' vous a fait pour ne pas comprendre?

huge ego, sorry

This makes me happy ^.^

"Je connais une chose ou deux au sujet d'aimer des personnes, et à temps, après beaucoup de gâteau de chocolat et de crème, 'd'aimer' des tours dans 'ce qui était son nom encore?' "
~ Hatter

i am....

a perpetual teenager; a walking encyclopedia; a pop culture historian; an opinionated jerk; the apologist; an avid reader; a paleontologist; a conservative anarchist; loyal to a fault; wookin pa nub; a hardcore punk; an architectural aficionado; laid back; a hockey fan; a car enthusiast; addicted to disaster films; a snobby Vertigo reader; not impressed by your indie band; a hipster hater; moved by the music; only slightly troubled that all my heroes are drug addicts; halfway through the West Wing box set i bought four years ago; shy and timid; strangely drawn to churches and comic book stores; in your room; fiercely against piracy; the gay son; a procrastinator of the highest order; a film critic; vegetarian; the answer grape; a raging ball of fury; the monkey king; only half serious; convinced that someone gets the joke; disappointed when they don't; slightly addicted to Slurm; a record store devotee; in love with a sociopath; frightened by Palm Pre ads; a Mac; master of the universe; your best friend; mildly entertaining; mostly harmless

Okay, so I've made a few mistakes.

Everyone has. That's part of life. My problem is that I never seem to learn from them.

I keep repeating them, over and over again like some junkie addicted to shame and self-loathing.

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