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Canon is not always included in the source

Today was a disaster of a day, but before I went to work, I ended up watching one of my favorite films: Sunshine.

If you've never seen the film, please watch it. It's very nearly a perfect sci-fi film. The only thing that keeps it from being perfect is Danny Boyle's tendency to shoot himself in the foot. Trust me, once you watch it you'll see the point where you say to yourself,"Oh. He shouldn't have done that."

If you HAVE seen the film, well I have a little request: re-watch the film with the idea that Mace & Capa were a couple and broke up sometime before the film starts. The when is never suggested and neither is who actually broke it off, but keep in mind that they have dated. Going in with that idea makes all of their actions and interactions make sense.

They don't hate each other. There's a lot of tension and Mace is quick to get angry with Capa, but they tend to agree and hive mind quite a bit. There's also silent conversations and the fact that when they're in trouble their first instinct is to call out to each other. Mace's death scene is also the most moving of the film and Capa's reactions are given emphasis both as Mace is dying and a little while later (when time is of the essence) and Capa pauses when confronted with Mace's body.

In the film Cassie clearly likes Capa, but you get the impression that Capa just regards her as a friend and she hopes she has a chance rather than actually thinking she does. Her importance is diminished even further when you consider that in the original version, Searle is the one who has the conversation with Capa in the payload.

When I first saw this film in the theater, I came out of it knowing that I had liked the film, but something felt off. I couldn't put my finger on it at the time but after a while the idea of Capa & Mace hit me. Then I saw the film again with Capa/Mace at the back of my mind and everything sort of slotted into place. Since it's already been established that there are bits of canon that are never mentioned in the film (such as the year, but that was probably for the best. 2057? Really?) it's not inconceivable that this would be one of them. It wouldn't have been included because it has no bearing on plot, but it does have bearing on character interaction and motivation. And that's where it manifests.


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