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Okay so I logged into LJ today and one of the highlighted discussions was about a news report on the new DCU being held in a group called feminist_geeks. I clicked the link because it seemed interesting and I've had my own issues with DCU's new 52. The news report was bemoaning what has happened to comics and the fact that the DCU comics aren't like Archie (please note that Archie comics are still published monthly as one of the biggest publishers) shot itself in the head about two minutes in when the reporter acknowledged that the DC books are rated T for Teen and T+ meaning there's no way in heck they're meant for children. So what did she do? She took the books to a MIDDLE SCHOOL (including the first issue of Catwoman where she fucks Batman) and showed it to CHILDREN to ask they if they thought they were old enough to see it.


But that's Fox News being Fox News. You know what really got me? In the comments one poster was making a point about comics and the ridiculous things the reporter had said about them and he mentioned that he was in fact male. The response he got from the mod was "Whoops, sorry. You're not supposed to be here." So I said WTF? again and went to the comm info and saw that they have in gigantic letters that anyone who identifies as male is banned from the group.

Excuse me? Huh, that's funny. I could have sworn that feminism did not call for the total exclusion of male identity, but for demanding and establishing equality as people.

If you continue to insist that people be defined by their gender and dismiss them because of such, then you can not advance as an intellectual being.


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Jan. 25th, 2012 01:21 am (UTC)
Wow! A clear case of someone who has gotten too big for their britches!
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